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24. Pla Song Jai

Fillet of Tempura pangasius dressed in a tamarind sauce coupled

with steamed fillet of pangasius in a creamy red curry sauce.


25. Pla Neung Manaw

Steamed fresh whole seabass  with lime juice and crushed chillies.


26. Pla Neung See-Iew

Steamed fresh whole seabass in a light soy sauce with spring onion and fresh ginger


27. Pla Lard Prik Tod

Tempura pangasius fillet in a tamarind sauce.


28. Talay Homok

Medley of seafood in a Thai creamy curry sauce, topped with chillies and lime leaves.


29. Choo Chi Goong

Large Thai river prawn in a creamy red curry sauce, topped with lime leaves and chillies


30. Pla Kheaw Wan ( Green Curry Fish)

Battered seabass fillet cooked with Thai green curry paste ,coconut milk, courgettes,

green beans, bamboo shoots and sweet basil. 




31. Gaeng Ped Yang

Sliced duck breast cooked in  a creamy red curry sauce with tomatoes, pineapple and vegetables


32. Ped Pad Khing

Stir fried sliced duck in a light soy sauce with fresh ginger, onion and red chillies


33. Pad Ped Takrai

Roast duck stir fried in lemongrass, onion, lime leaves, green beans, red  curry paste and green pepper


34. Ped Makham

Sliced roast duck breast on crispy noodles, dressed with a chef’s special sauce



Choice of

Chicken ( £8.95 )  Beef ( £9.95 ) Pork ( £8.95 ) Prawn ( £9.95 )


35. Pad Kaprow

Stir fried meat with green beans, fresh garlic,onion, pepper, fresh chillies and basil. 

36. Pad Priksod

Stir fried meat with light soy souce, red and green pepper, spring onion and mushroom. 

37. Pad Black Bean

Tender pieces of meat, stir fried with onion, garlic, pepper in black bean sauce. 

38. Pad Prew Wan

Stir fried meat with onion, cucumber, tomato, pineapple in Thai sweet and sour sauce. 

39. Pad Med Mamung

Stir fried meat with vegetables in a crispy rosti potato basket topped with cashew nuts.

40. Pad Prik Gaeng

Stir fried with red curry paste, fresh chillies, basil leaves and Thai herbs. 

41. Pad Laow Dang 

Stir fried meat with mixed red and green pepper, carrot, onion and peas cooked in red wine sauce.

42. Pad Khing (Ginger stir fried)

Stir fried meat with a light soy sauce, fresh ginger, onion, mushroom, red peppers and green peppers.

43. Pad Nam Mun Hoi (Oyster sauce stir fried)

Stir fried meat in oyster sauce with red and green peppers, mushroom, onion  and spring onion. 

44. Pad Prig Paw (Chilli paste in oil stir fried)

Stir fried meat in Chilli paste in oil with onion, spring onion, red and green pepper and basil. 



Choice of

Chicken ( £9.50 ),  Beef ( £9.95 ), Pork ( £9.50 ), Prawn ( £9.95 )


45. Gaeng Khiew Wan (Green Curry)

The most famous curry cooked with Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, courgettes, green beans,

bamboo shoots and sweet basil.

46. Gaeng Massan (Yellow Curry)

Thai yellow curry paste, coconut milk, onion, carrot and new potatoes.

47. Gaeng Dang (Red Curry)

Thai Red curry paste, coconut milk, courgettes, green bamboo shoots.

48. Panang Curry

Cooked in Thai creamy red curry , coconut milk,topped with kaffir lime leaves and sliced chillies.

49. Gaeng Pa ( Jungle Curry)

Thai traditional western curry with bamboo shoots, fine green beans, broccoli, red chillies, red and green peppers and holy basil.



50. Talay Pad Cha

Stir fried mixed seafood with green beans, fresh garlic , fresh green peppers,fresh chillies, and basil.


51. Goong Gratiem Prigthai

Stir fried large Thai river prawn in Thai garlic sauce, topped with cracked black pepper corns.


52. Choo Chi Pla

Steamed white fish in a Thai creamy curry sauce, topped with chillies and kaffir leaves.


53. Weeping Tiger

Char grilled marinated sirloin steak.Served with chip and Thai style spicy sauce.


54. Seabass Krapraw

Battered fillet, deep fried, cooked with light soy sauce, red pepper, fresh chillies and basil.



56. Pad Tao Hu

Stir fried vegetables with Tao Hu, and light soy sauce.


57. Pad Pak Ruam

Stir fried mix vegetables in light soy sauce, topped with cracked black peppercorns.


58. Hed Kratiem

Stir fried mushrooms with Thai soy sauce.


59. Siam Aubergines

Aubergines in tempura batter, topped with pepper, onion in tamarind sauce.


60. Kaeng Kiew Wan (Green Curry)

Thai Green curry with coconut milk, courgettes, green bean bamboo shoots, sweet basil.


61. Kaeng Dang

Thai red curry of mix vegetable,coconut milk


62. Gaeng Massaman (Yellow Curry)

Thai yellow curry of coconut milk, carrots and new potatoes.