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14th February 2019

£25.95 Per Person (Minimum of 2 persons)

Valentine's set menu

Chicken Wing with boneless

Chicken wing with no bones, with pork and water chestnut inside.


Chicken mix with prawn dimsum.

Steamed Shell Mussel

Steamed half shell mussel from New Zealand topped with Thai creamy red curry sauce.

Followed BY

Salmon Massaman

Salmon fillet cooked with massaman curry paste, coconut milk, onion, carrot and new potatoes.


Sirloin Kapraw

Char gilled marinated sirloin steak and slice pieces cooked with light soy sauce, red pepper fresh chillies and basil.


Thai style BBQ Chicken

Chicken fillet marinated  and char grilled top with light soy sauce.


Accompanied with

Khao Suay

Plain Thai Jasmine steamed rice.


Khao Pad Khai (Egg fried rice)

Fried rice with egg and vegetables.  


Followed BY


Tea or coffee or Thai Ruby dessert (water chestnut coat with potato flour in coconut milk).